Uniquely Me, Siann Dickson

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"Do it with passion or not at all" is the saying that best describes how I go about assisting those I work with.  I strive to provide heart-warming and personalized ceremonies that reflect your wedding day wishes.  I pride myself on having a good sense of humour and a positive, energetic presence.

I chose to become a marriage commissioner because I sincerely feel everyone, including the LGBTQ community, deserves the perfect wedding day;  and I want to help make that happen. I believe my flexibility, creativity, open-mindedness and belief in "happily-ever-after" contribute to a warm and inclusive wedding experience.  I pride myself on offering affordable and quality service to my couples. 

As I truly love interacting with people, my other career is working for school boards in the roles of Instructional Assistant for blind individuals, ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreter, SEE (Signed Exact English) Transliterator  and  Specialized Mental Health Support Aide.  From these assignments, I bring the ability to think on my toes, (and outside of the box!). I am passionate and dedicated to helping others make their dreams come true.

On a personal note, I am happily married, and a proud mom.  I am a tender heart who hugs (tightly), loves (generously) and laughs (out loud!).  My quirks include singing off-key around the house, planning Halloween a year in advance and indulging in Timbits a little too often (but not the old fashioned ones, they're awful!). I can often be found enjoying comedy movies at the VIP theatre; cuddling with my two Persian cats; sitting, numb-legged on bleachers as a volleyball mom; or day dreaming of my next vacay in Mexico.

Enough about me... let's get started on creating the ceremony

you have always dreamed about!