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Siann's warmth is the first thing you notice about her. She truly cares about the couples she supports, which I believe is because she values romance and she herself is happily married. After our first meeting and initial email conversations, I felt I could trust Siann with this important task. She was not only a support for the logistics and practicalities, but she was a cheerleader for our whole wedding; we really felt her care in all the details. My fiance was abroad leading up to the wedding, and Siann was so organized; she ensured that we each finished our vows, and that she had reviewed them for our ceremony.

We highly recommend Siann for anyone's wedding; she is an amazing officiant and she will add so much joy to your wedding.

"Hi Siann! We have to thank you again for your amazing support and guidance in our ceremony. It was absolutely perfect!"

"Thanks so much for doing our ceremony and adding all your love and joy to our day!! We appreciate it so much!"


Thank you so much for our amazing ceremony. We really appreciate the work you put in with us to make it personal and full of love. You went above and beyond for us and we knew our ceremony would go off without a hitch."

"Siann was incredible to work with. From our first meeting and throughout the entire process, we felt so comfortable with her. She had so many great ideas but wanted to make sure our ceremony was perfect for us. She is so thoughtful and genuine, not only did she write an amazing ceremony, she went so far as to show us and the wedding party how to stand to get the best pictures and asked for my input on her outfit so it would match our day. We will be recommending her to everybody! Thank-you so much for an unforgettable wedding!"

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"Hey Siann,

I wanted to write you and let you know how happy we were with everything you did for us!! You did such an amazing job and my photographer was equally impressed (and she’s been to a million weddings!)  Thanks again for everything!!"

"Thank you for making our day so unique and stress free. It’s like having an old friend with us, even though we just met. I truly appreciated your warmth and candor during our ceremony."

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We cannot thank you enough. The gift you gave us is one that could never have a price attached. A seed you planted in our lives, hearts, and soul, for our marriage, then family to sprout from. These words don’t do our deep appreciation justice. There are no words."

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"Hi Siann! I wanted to say another big thank you for marrying us! As I reflect back on our legal ceremony, it was perfect and we appreciate everything you did."

"We don’t have words for how perfect this is. We cried reading the whole thing. Tomorrow is going to be so incredible THANK YOU so much!"

Upon receipt of their ceremony script...

"OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE what you did. It made me cry and laugh all in one.

It's PERFECT!!! Absolutely PERFECT."

"So happy I found someone to do our wedding. Everyone else I found was super expensive! She was cheap and so helpful! All you Budget Brides out there check her out! You will be so glad you did!

Thank you for being so awesome!" 

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"Thank-you for fitting us in so fast. We loved our ceremony.

You made our little wedding so special." 

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"You made it so easy for us. Thank you for taking the time to include our interests in the ceremony, that made it very memorable."

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"Our sincere gratitude and appreciation for ALL your help in making our special day come true. Thank you for all the hard work. We weren't expecting so much help!"